Spanish Fashion Design Company

empresa de moda española

GthaD was started in 1975 by a family of accomplished craftsmen from the textile sector, with a vision and passion for fashion, who detected a gap in the market for good quality, stylish, comfortable clothing for everyday life and leisure time.

The founders used their knowledge and experience to produce their collections. During that period they began large-scale production, as well as the marketing of the product that today, through the development of the different collections, has become a clear example of Spanish excellence and high quality manufacturing. Now it is a passion for fashion that inspires us and helps us with the creation and attention to detail of our garments. Life already goes too fast and, sometimes, we miss the finer details and the quality of things. It is this quality that infuses our collections. Our secret lies in the comprehensive attention to detail, a selection of fabrics of the highest quality and an exclusive design combined with clothing 100% manufactured in Spain. All this makes the difference to our garments.

The “Made in Spain” label represents increased added value for GthaD because it incorporates our culture and philosophy in fashion, design and clothing.

We have maintained this philosophy since our inception; it has led to the success of our brand at a worldwide level.