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At GthaD we stood out as manufacturers of trousers, both for woman and for men, although with time we extended our clothing range to include other garments such as skirts and blouses for women and waistcoats and jackets for men.

Because we know that no two people are the same, in addition to the standard sizes, we also make large sizes and specialist sizes, for men and women, with the same passion in their design and manufacture. Our objective is to produce comfortable garments with a design carefully made to adapt to any silhouette produced with the highest quality materials.

One of the unique differences of our company is the customization of clothing. We have a wide variety of options in fabrics, threads, labels, etc.

In our tailoring section we produce tailor made suits for men. We make bespoke suits to order, taking measurements in our factory or by visiting customers at home.

You can choose between a wide range of fabrics made from of different materials: wool, cotton, linen and corduroy, among others. Our mission is that you can enjoy the pleasure of wearing a unique garment, made with the highest standards of design and quality, according to your own style.